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OOur Paraguay passport program is currently available for the price of only 3,900 USD. Getting Residency and/or a Passport in Paraguay may be a perfect solution to certain individuals for tax reasons and/or to have a second option as country in which to be domiciled. For Americans, it is nearly impossible to open bank or brokerage accounts anywhere in the world with a US Passport. Having a second passport opens up unlimited financial possibilities worldwide. Whether you want residency or a passport or just simply wish to live in Paraguay, we offer a service to expedite the process. Through our trusted source, we make obtaining a Paraguay passport easier than many other passports programs around the world. This service was designed by our trusted associates in Asuncion. Paraguay offers a fast set-up and an all-in-one, easy and fast way to get residency and a passport in an internationally recognized jurisdiction. We’ve considered many countries and finally settled on Paraguay as being one of the easiest, cheapest and most accessible option for most people.

Why may Paraguay be better in this regard than most jurisdictions?

TThe process is incredibly easy. For your permanent residency we can arrange it locally without any travel requirements. Of course you can come personally to Paraguay if you choose and complete the paperwork there. You can then leave and never return to Paraguay ever again if you want and your residency will still remain permanent. Getting residency and/or a passport in Paraguay is cheaper than almost any other country in the world. The Paraguay passport is widely recognized and is good for visa-free travel throughout much of Latin America, especially Mercosur Paraguay has no income tax. Therefore, for those who earn their income in other jurisdictions, having a Paraguay residency or passport could mean not paying any taxes on your earned income (check with your own tax advisory on whether this applies to you or not)

The citizenship and passport can be obtained in only 30 days and the $3,900 USD price is all inclusive of all related fees.