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Through our contacts in Sofia we are able to arrange legal residency in Bulgaria for the price of $5800 USD within 30 days. Full citizenship and passport can be arranged within 90 days. Family members (spouse and any children under the age of 25) pay a fee of $500 USD if their applications are processed at the same time with the head of the family. Payment terms are 30% advance with the remaining balance due once the order has been completed. Bulgaria (officially the Republic of Bulgaria) is a country in Southern Europe.  It is a member of the European Union, NATO, the United Nations, the World Trade Organization and a founding state of the OSCE. Also Bulgaria has a high Human Development Index of 0.743, ranking 58th in the world in 2010.

As an EU member country citizens have all rights of an EU member.

Citizenship is based upon the Law on Bulgarian Citizenship, dated November 1998. Citizenship of Bulgaria can be acquired by birth, by descent, by naturalization, for special contribution to Bulgarian State, and on some other grounds. 

Foreign citizens may acquire Bulgarian citizenship regardless of the provisions of Article 12 if the Republic of Bulgaria has demonstrated distinct interest in his/her naturalization or if the person concerned has made a special contribution to the Republic of Bulgaria in social or economic spheres, or in the field of science, technology, culture or sports. Dual citizenship is recognized in Bulgaria and renunciation of your previous citizenship is not required. Buying all documents online

A foreigner may enter the Republic of Bulgaria if he/ she is a holder of a regular foreign travel document or another equivalent document as well as a visa if required. 

Types of Bulgarian visas 

  • Visa A – for airport transfers
  • Visa C – transfers and short term stay in Bulgaria
  • Visa D – for longer stay in Bulgaria (Obligatory personal interview: No exception shall be made from the requirement for a personal interview when applying for a long-stay visa.)